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How long does it take to transcribe a 1 hour recording?

There are many variables, and these all play a part as to how long the transcriptionist will need to produce your recording. For example most people speak 250-350 wpm.  No one can possibly type that fast, therefore ratios are used to work out how long it would take. There are many different variables that will effect how long it will take to produce transcription.  These can include people talking over the top of each other, people speaking with different accents, static, echos, background noise and many more.  If your audio is clear with no interference and no one speaking over the top of each other, then it will be far easier to complete than producing a transcript that has background noise, tables and timecodes.

Generally speaking, normal transcription, that has one person speaking at a time, are calculated at 1 hour of audio tape equals 7 hours of actual transcription. 

These calculations vary based on clear audio tape.  Please contact us for an Estimate and we can explain this in full for you. 

See our Estimates="page://   4:quotes">/a> page for fee examples.

What digital formats can you transcribe?

Transcription WA can transcribe the following digital formats, and many others:-

.AAC     .ACT     .AIF     .AIFC     .AIFF     .AMR     .APE     .AU     .ASF     .AVI     .CAF     .CDA     .DCT     .DSP     .DSS     .DIV     .DVF     .DVS     .FLAC     .M1V     .M4A     .MOOV     .MOV     .MP2     .MP3     .MP4     .MPC     .MPG4     .MPE     .MPEG     .MPG     .MSV     .OGG     .QCP     .QV     .RA     .RM     .SHN     .SPX     .VOC     .VFW     .WAV     X.WMA     .WMV     SONY CONTENT BROWSER 

and many others.  If your format is not listed here.  Please ask us.

How do I upload my sound/film files?

If your digital files are small, the easiest way to upload your files is to attach these to an email together with all instructions and send these to:-  If your digital files are large or you do not want to use email, then you can send these to us via Dropbox.  If you have not used Dropbox before, simply go to the Dropbox website,  read the instructions, join, then send the files through to us.
For Government departments and those that require a certain file transfer protocol, we are happy to use whatever FTP you require.

Can I use computer software to dictate my transcription?

Yes, by using Express Dictate.  This is a free software program by NCH.  You can download this from NCH's website at  Please save your data files to .WAV format.

How can I convert micro or mini cassettes to sound files?

If you are using a standard hand-held dictation recorder, dictating onto a mini or micro cassette, then this can be converted to a sound (digital) file.  You can do this by using Express Dictate, Audacity or any other digital auditing program of your choice.
  • Express Dictate - a free download available on the internet.  Go to to download Express Dictate, then click the link Transfer from Portable Handheld Recorders - Dock for easy instructions on how to transfer your file from micro or mini cassette to an electronic digital file that can be emailed or uploaded.
  • 6.35mm Jack to Jack lead - some software may require a jack to jack lead as pictured.  If this is the case, plug one end of the jack into your dictation recorder and the other end into your computer.
  • Auditing Software - Activate your software by clicking on RECORD in the computer software program then press PLAY on your dictation recorder.  Once your cassette tape has finished, press STOP on your dictation recorder and stop the auditing software.  Don't forget to name and save your recording file to .WAV format.  You can now attach it to an email and send it through to us or use Dropbox.

Can I use Australia Post to send my documents/articles to you?

We prefer that all information, documents and audios are sent over the internet.  However, if it is a CD/DVD that you wish to send, Australia Post Express Bag is the best alternative.

What is the standard turnaround time?

This will always depend on the length and clarity of the recording.  We have different categories of turnaround for transcription.  These are:-

  • No hurry (1-2 weeks)
  • Standard (3-5 days)
  • Rush (1-2 days)
  • Urgent (24 hours)
Each category has a set hourly rate.  Please discuss this with us. 

What format will I receive the completed transcription in?

All transcriptions will be prepared in Microsoft Word (unless otherwise instructed) and when complete, emailed to you.  We can convert your file to .PDF, if required, please discuss this with Pamela, on 0418 867 719.

Will my data remain confidential?

Definitely, your confidentiality is extremely important to us.  All data received is strictly confidential and treated as such.  Transcription WA will not disclose any information about data received to any other party other than to the client as per our Instructions to Act.  All personal information and email addresses will be kept strictly confidential.  All our Transcriptionists sign a Confidentialtiy Agreement.  See also our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service.

How much does it cost and how do I pay for this service?

The cost of Transcription services will vary depending on the type of work to be transcribed, the length and clarity of the tape and whether the transcription is one that requires the transcriptionist to watch a video at the same time, for example as per film and documentary production transcription.  The cost will always depend on the type of recording received.  Please read Recording and Estimates then ring Pamela for a confidential discussion regarding  your transcription requirements.  When your transcription has been completed the document will be emailed back to you in Word format unless otherwise instructed, together with a Time Stamp Report and Invoice for payment.  Payment is by Direct Deposit.

What does Verbatim mean?
The Webster dictionary describes Verbatim as meaning "in the exact words".  For transcriptionists it means type it exactly as it was spoken.  Verbatim text will have every sound and word that is said on the tape or audio and will be transcribed including "ah", "um", "oo", "oh-oh".  Therefore, everything that is said by all parties will be transcribed, this includes "coughs", "laughter", external noises such as "doors shutting", "telephones ringing" or background noise such as cars, crowds, etc.

What does semi-Verbatim mean?
Semi-Verbatim is exactly how the tape or audio was dictated as above, but does not include any "ahs", "um" "oo" "oh-oh", "coughs" "laughter" or background noise such as cars, knocking, telephone calls, etc.

What does Edited-Transcript mean?
Edited-Transcript means that the transcript has been cleaned up.  If a person talking on the tape or audio says "um", this is taken out and if they repeat words over and over again like, "you know", or repeat the same words one after another, like "I want to tell you, I want to tell you", or "I mean, I mean",  the transcriptionist will make sense of this and remove the superfluous words.  If the grammar of a sentence does not make sense, for example "we done saw a movie" or "we runned but couldn't catch the bus", this will be changed to make sense.  Essentially the audio will remain the same, but clients must realise that by using Edited-Transcript, they will not get a transcript of exactly what was said on the tape or audio. 
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